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“International institutions and organizations have no margin for error”

When you’re working, acting and advocating at the highest levels, you’re held accountable and every word matters. Content addressing global issues may have wide reaching repercussions and has to be of the highest standard in all languages. But these same organizations are usually also short on time.

At Haymes Translations, we understand all the pressures you’re under. And we provide a no-nonsense service. We support our results-oriented clients by producing totally fit-for-purpose Spanish translations, no matter how tight the deadline.


Some of the sectors
we specialize in


We assist high-level government agencies and institutions with urgent and sensitive communications, as well as key messages for public engagements. And we contribute to defining the Spanish language that is used by top-level officials at public interactions to enhance diplomatic efforts.


Major players in the field of Human Rights trust us with their mission-critical work, and over the years we have translated millions of words for IOs and NGOs. Our linguistic work has helped key organizations achieve tangible results, such as transforming deep-rooted problems and promoting accountability.


Over the years we have consistently helped clients in the development sector translate essential content, disseminate information, share knowledge, and raise awareness. We are proud to collaborate with organizations doing meaningful work with real-world impact, and assist top professionals working in the most critical areas.


We have the pleasure of collaborating on transparency, accountability and anti-corruption projects that have become a benchmark in the fight against corruption worldwide. We help anti-corruption advocates and organizations create key content in Spanish that is actively used by stakeholders and practitioners globally.


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Behind Haymes Translations

Run by specialist English > Spanish translator Gabriela Haymes, certified in the US by the American Translators Association (ATA) and in the UK by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

Supported by a team of trusted, experienced professionals.

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