Some of the sectors

we specialize in


We assist high-level government agencies and institutions with urgent statements, media notes, fact sheets, speeches and press briefings on a daily basis. We also regularly assist with sensitive internal communications and guidelines, as well as key messages for public engagements.

We contribute to defining the Spanish language that is used by top-level officials at public interactions to enhance diplomatic efforts.

This is a fine line to tread, using energetic, firm language that is also formal, respectful and highly nuanced. Language that is unambiguous and does not undermine diplomatic relations, and that contributes to maintaining the leverage or position of influence of a government or international organization.


Major players in the field of Human Rights trust us with their mission-critical work. Over the years we have translated millions of words for international organizations and NGOs providing information that is relied on by policy and decision-makers in situations where accurate data about human rights conditions is critical.

Our linguistic work has helped key organizations achieve tangible results, such as transforming deep-rooted problems and promoting the accountability of criminal actors.

We continuously work with international organizations and NGOs on documentation related to the human rights situation in the Americas and globally, and on communications addressed to the highest national officials.


Over the years we have consistently helped clients in the development sector translate essential content, disseminate information, share knowledge, and raise awareness.

Some clients trust us to handle all their Spanish translation needs, while others come to us to translate their key documents and messages. And we ensure that their translated content serves the same purpose as the original.

We are proud to collaborate with organizations doing meaningful work with real-world impact, and assist top professionals working on cutting-edge issues in the most critical areas.


We have the pleasure of collaborating on transparency, accountability and anti-corruption projects that have become a benchmark in the fight against corruption worldwide.

We help anti-corruption advocates and organizations create key content in Spanish that is actively used by stakeholders and practitioners globally and that has informed corruption-related language, literature and campaigns.

We have been engaged in crafting the language for some of the most widely used corruption indexes and measurement mechanisms in the world, with far-reaching repercussions in the media across all countries.